Turkish Cuisines, Kadın Budu Köfte

How to make “Kadın Budu Köfte” Meatball

Is it pinch?  Not pinch?
Know that.

It's pinch. I actually pinch myself. A half kilo of ground meat, half cooked with a grated onion mixed with liquid in an occasional mix. Then I got off the stove. I mixed the other half of the remaining ground meat, spreading it with a spoon. 1.5 cups of boiled prawns of course this princ rest before Christmas. I have added plain rice rice, an egg ground meat mix, which will not poison us. I poured some salt on it and pumped a little black pepper.

Then I mined it. I put it in the fridge after I was sure that it was well-knitted (kneaded). It's enough for 1-2 hours of taste. I put it in the fridge in the morning and went to work.
I completed the other stages of the evening.

I blew three white eggs (2 eggs enough) in a coarse wrap. It's too much. I made big big if you were in a huge size so that you could take the pieces from the kneaded mixture as an egg size, and treat them as if you were a true "woman budu".

Meatballs must be covered with flour. We have to cover the meatballs that we made with flour. I do not know how you do it, but I always hated it when I found it. I want to make a little statement. This is a special convenience to you. Especially how do we immerse fish in flour? Put the cleaned fish in 2-3 cups of flour into a salt-bag nylon bag, keep it from the bottom and eliminate the mouth part completely. The fish are covered with flour so that they swing quickly ...

When I made these meatballs, I used the ground-meat on the roof of the ceiling (not much dishwashing)
I sifted some flour. I put the meatballs and then I sifted 2 spoons flour on it again. Then I poured the meatballs covered with flour into a whipped egg and put it in hot oil.

After he had been sick, he helped me get on the paper towel to get his oil. For the flow of oils of köfte
The grill must be left on the paper towel absolutely.

I ate. We ate ... try it on you. Enjoy yours too.

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