Kids Lace Dress

This is first kids dress. In general, children's clothes such as skirt, shorts, pajama, hirka are used for evaluating the pieces. In general, tum is also happy as a gift to children. Sewing is very easy. Look at the scene with a lace ribbon with a bow.

  This dress was a bit of a mix, it was a top three coat. The bottom skirt is two layers ... so I skip the sewing steps. I sewed lace flowers in the waist line. The pearls on it. I was a unhappy when I bought lace flowers. It was good to use it. I planted this dress. Tulle fabric does not have to go a little combine .. It need to be a little easy .. I will share both the pattern and the making stages of a different dress so after it is ..
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Adding an Adjustable Elastic Waist to Skirts

This is what I shared The cute kids skirt free pattern that are pretty easy, the instructions are very easy to follow.

Materials and Free Pattern

Fabric: 85 x 130 cm
Button: 2 piece
Buttonhole Adjustable Elastic Band: 2.5 cm x 40 cm
We have a free pattern.

Skirt front piece 1 piece
Skirt back piece 1 piece
Waistband 1 pcs
Internal Pocket 2 pcs
Outside 2 pcs


sewing machine, thread,scissors, pin, iron, measurement

 Sew step by step

 The construction of the pockets. We sew to our pocket( green colored ) on to skirt. We have a free pattern. We are stitching. We are skirt  in the pocket. I fix the places that are top on and 3 layers of gold with plain stitch. We do the same thing on the other side. We press the edges of the pockets.

 We find the center of the skirt, we fold the fabric on both sides and make a ply. We fix it with a straight stitch so that you can. We close the side stitches. I try to make clean sewing as long as it is possible. In children's clothing. There are different names like English seam, French seam.

Fold the waistband and double it. Squeeze one side of the squeezer and fold it up and sew it. (If you cut the waistband in two pieces, you do not need to tunnel to make adjustable elastic band)

Fold the front side and sew it under the waistband. We will put the rubber on the back. I made a tunel on one side to band. Ribbons on the joining stitch by others. I put one knob on each side. I put it through the holes in the past. Whenever we want, we have an eternity that we can adjust to. Elastic adjustable bands that are indispensable for children's wear.

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Romper Tutorial

Pattern Free.

There are no complicated patterns, lots of 


Tutorial steps This romper is made of basic pattern, fabric and undercoat. The elastic band is attached to the shoulders.
What we like most is that you can inspire and customize it.  Free Patten an example.

Materials and Tools

Sewing machine,needle, pins. Thread,  scissors. The tools we need. I am not saying this tools everytime. We always need to talk about these materials. 

–Fabric   width :120cm x Height : 100 cm

–Lining  (Cotton Fabric  120 cm x 40 cm)

Elastic band (lenght :   100 cm x  width : 2 cm )


Cut the gum pieces and the free pattern gore. Stitch front and back stitches.
  Sew one of the side seams. Stretch the zigzag suture over the rubber sheep at the waist. Sidewall Do the same thing on the other bass by covering the inside leg stitches.
Sew on the edge of the double shoulder straps. Fix the tires on both sides of the sholulder straps. Distribute excess fabric on the tire
   Place one shoulder strap and one back strap. We will put on the a bck fabric.
  Sew up the side stitches of the liner, fabricand sew Improve put up a top pin . it combine lining fabric. Lining fabric provides comfortable and clean stitch
  Fold the sides of the pants twic.  It was a tiring day
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How to Make Romper Skirt ?

Polka Dots  Romper  Skirt

I like Polka dots  fabric I have been a child of since. Whether in clothing or in home furnishings. On my linens. I did not like this fabric. I did not notice when I made chicken bag holder.  Cotton fabrics are durable, but not that much. I said red lace ribbons and red heart-shaped buttons look spectacular.

A line cut a dress. I looked at that dress and I looked at it. I did  combine the secret zipper with the back  body of the dress. I made the front piece. I got a red tul in my waistband. I didnt  like  this dress.  Polka dots skirt rumper.
Ciiks. Cut in the waist. I got red tul. Try it a few times. I do not like. Now how did I make this skirt romper?

Materials and free pattern 

Here free pattern an example

  • 3 - 5 cm wide 2 meter elastic band for skirt waist and shoulder strap. 
  • Four pieces of fabric as seen in the free pattern

In the different way here.  
(For the skirt, fold the half of the 120x50 cm fabric and cut a line on both sides. )

  • Two pieces 22x 23 cm for the piece of front
  • One pieces 22x 23 cm for the piece of buckram. If you want to make buckram fabric , you can use buckram,  fiber or quilted fabric.
  • Two rectangular pieces for the 12 cm x 60 cm  shoulder straps.
  • One rectangular pieces for the 12 cm x 80 cm  waistbant

Step by Step Instructions

Stitch the sides of the piece  together. Repeat for all tracks. It was a four-piece split. With the width in mind, double your waist band. Tire to our feet zigzag . Leave 18 centimeters fixed in the middle. Go through the zigzag stitch on the tire.

Fold the shoulder straps in half and tuck them in. Fasten the end pieces with the stitch. Put and stitch the front body parts in to the shoulder straps. Combine skirt. Sew the shoulder straps. Stitch applique and buttons.

Skirt Romper is ready.  coming in the next easy sewing project.
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İnexpensive Handmade Gifts for Kids

handmade toys

Handmade gifts

The easiest way to make your kids happy. The children have a skirt that you can sew to it. She will  be happy. Very easy to sew. I sew all the waist band of the children's clothes on the side and half the waist band with elastic and adjust.
waistband skirt

From piece fabrics, we can make comfortable clothes from your not used pillowcases, your collar worn shirts that are  used. I stitched a skirt with a piece of fabric today .. very little piece of fabric left. I didn't stitch my pocket as vaguely because it was patterned jeans. I made a little bag of skirts, stitches etc. This is no owner now. Parts fabric for children, toys, skirts, shorts, dresses, bedding for pets, mattresses, toys sewing, pants inside the skirt, etc

Home Decoration, table runners from tulle fabric, american services from piece fabrics, kitchen aprons, gloves, pan protectors, plastic bag holders, pillows, cushions, bags, wallets, flowers from piece fabrics and cleaning cloths. A bouquet is give you  often happy. Sometimes I donate my social responsibility projects to all my products. I do different things from the beginning, my sewing skills are improving.
elastic band
İnexpensive Handmade gift idea on my blog these many.

  For cute baby
  For plastic bag holder
  For flowers

How to Make a Skirt?

 I'm going back to my subject . My subject is stitch  a elastic waistband skirt. How much fabric do you need? You could to measure your child's waist, how long is length of your skirt?

I have two rows of tires on the tire side. You can make a single wide tire. You can pass zigzag over
You need rubber rectangular fabric as much as the waist.
Widht: at least 1.5 times as much fabric as waist
Hight: the desired length + 12 cm stitch share

Fast and perfect stitchs: press

press allowence edge

For the waistband I sewed at intervals of 3 cm, 2.5 cm, 2.5 cm. I bent the hem of the skirt and sewed it. I cut a little bit from the places I sew to make the tires

.I folded the waistband in the length I wanted and ironed it. I curled it one cm further than the tip.
 I folded twice on the skirt edge. I folded it back to 0.7 mm thick.You will follow thecm straightness of the upper seam only. Fold the rectangular fabric in two and sew it. If you want to clean stitch, use the pictures. 

france seam
You can drawing the waistband with soap to properly sew it. There are pens flying in the air or water, you can draw with them you can draw without. You will follow a little from the ruler. What happens if it is not a problem but a trail :) One of my first good projects I have between us. I'm stitching a pajama suit with a boss. The first pajamas were  a perfect capri pajamas. It did not stay with it. When a cotton fabric was washed, it almost shorts.

You need a quilted fabric for the bag and a lining + lining fabric for the bag. A fabric inside the handle. lace ribbon, fabric, etc

  I have half skirt and a romper with their details coming

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