Romper Tutorial

Pattern Free.

There are no complicated patterns, lots of 


Tutorial steps This romper is made of basic pattern, fabric and undercoat. The elastic band is attached to the shoulders.
What we like most is that you can inspire and customize it.  Free Patten an example.

Materials and Tools

Sewing machine,needle, pins. Thread,  scissors. The tools we need. I am not saying this tools everytime. We always need to talk about these materials. 

–Fabric   width :120cm x Height : 100 cm

–Lining  (Cotton Fabric  120 cm x 40 cm)

Elastic band (lenght :   100 cm x  width : 2 cm )


Cut the gum pieces and the free pattern gore. Stitch front and back stitches.
  Sew one of the side seams. Stretch the zigzag suture over the rubber sheep at the waist. Sidewall Do the same thing on the other bass by covering the inside leg stitches.
Sew on the edge of the double shoulder straps. Fix the tires on both sides of the sholulder straps. Distribute excess fabric on the tire
   Place one shoulder strap and one back strap. We will put on the a bck fabric.
  Sew up the side stitches of the liner, fabricand sew Improve put up a top pin . it combine lining fabric. Lining fabric provides comfortable and clean stitch
  Fold the sides of the pants twic.  It was a tiring day
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