Chicken grocer bag holder, Plastik Bag Holder

Hello... My chickhen's eggs are different, grocery bag :). I do not like plastic bag very much .. Because of the pollution of the nature .. reuse of them reduces this pollution.

I use it again without using waste . At least I think it is a contributor. The only thing we can throw in without thinking is the seeds of the fruits we eat.

I like the projects that keep collecting the plastic bags together without any love. I do more than one of these projects. I'm taking a gift to a corner.this project becomes a contribution to self, nature and budgeting.

How to Make Pattern and Sew?

Light brown fabric for chicken head and chest ...  Red and orange felt cloth for interlining and beak  Two tiny beads for eyes  15-20 cm ribbon for hanging 85 cm for body, 65 cm for body.  Cloth for the apron, lace on the yard  Silicone gun  needle and thread

First of all, head, wings and draw. cut 2 x head and 2 wings. Take the example. I will be publishing printable free patterns of my projects in the future.

Put the wings on top of each other. Leave a space (about 4-5 cm) to open the remainder. Sewing seam. Do the same in your head. Turn in. Fill the fibers. Combine eye, beak etc. Complete (see pictures)

Let's wear our elastic band. Let's cut 3 cm to pass our wings. Let's dress it up.Let's adjust the neck part by sewing it. we make a apron. did we decorate a little?

Our chicken that spawning a grocery bag is complete. Easy to do...

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