Where is lace owl?


I usually do what I need. Owls.  I took this owl tulle  fabric.

Without knowing what to do. I just like. For ...A cut in the back part of my belly .. Newer, shabby, comfortable ..Ridiculous repair by vaguely.  A trace is certainly.
The owl came to mind. I cut one. Owl  applique. I sewed it without using a machine. It was nice.  The vest is over. How is it?

How to sew a bag?

Make Pattern

I folded a fleece fabric.  (40 cm by 54 cm) around the owl. Tiny zigzag on the machineI stitched with sewing. Cut the excess on the edges ..

 2x 8 cm * 60 cm fabric for bag handles

 I folded the stems in half, stitch and turned them into.Sew the handles as you like. By the inside, by the outside ..

I sew the side seams and the bottom of the bag
Fold the mouth part 3-4 cm 2.5-3.5 cm from inside. Very easy and quick

 Tip &Tricks: I set the zigzag stitch width to be minimal in flexible fabrics
 Reduce the stitching step (Z Z Z  zzzz).

I can wear my vest. I have a bag.
Bags, pillowcases, runners, soft toy projects easy sewing  for  new beginners.

There is a wide area. Foodsaver bags, fashion accessories, shopping bags, shoe bags, organizer bags and so on. Etc ..

 Evaluation of part fabrics.

100% cotton colorless or soft colored food storage bag
Thick solid, nothing that would be said (in the following) as a collection bag

I can distribute textiles and fabric strips, laces, needles, scissors within five minutes.
Here are some things I'm distributing here.   Fill the rest. I put a cardboard box inside

Two bag straps and you'll carry them everywhere :)

Where do you use lace owls? Can I get an idea?


Sarah said...

I love the owl bag, they're amazing.

daliya aliya yıldız said...

Welcome aboard, Sarah. This idea is always my favorite.