About Me

Who  am I?

     Eskisehir is a beautiful city. I look at the name old and city. And here I come to the world. My nickname is Daliya. I would not come back to the world I ask myself. I definitely came back again. This city is again Eskisehir. Yes, let me tell you. What I eat is what I drink is not important. What's the big deal? What am I going to do? To be or not to be! Yes you know. William Shakespeare. 

     I am here to say that it is not me or you. I like sewing. I like to make something new. I like ironing. I like to diet when I lose weight. I like cooking. I love children and I love making toys. I love animals, and I love to nest them. I like walking. Not running. I am Daliya, it is a good thing to live. It's even better to love. You will love. You'll love the work you do. You'll love animals so you can do nice things to them. Design and produce new things. Love what you do first. Do it with love.

     What am I doing? I'm trying to do nice things from the stuff to be sown.Sharing is good. Share it. It is beautiful to love. Love it. Life is beautiful. Live. I'm Daliya. This is what I do. You are all welcome.

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