Plastic Bag Holder, Plastic Bag Saver

 These things are so handy. They hold a lot of bags.This sewing project is easy, fast and very cute. Learn how to make your own Sew Plastic Bag Saver, on the blog today.To make a plastic bag, I decided to use a nice fabric. Here's what you need to make your own bag and make that.

How to make?

prepare materials, (fabric, fiber, elastics band, buttons, )
draw, (drawing  a dog silhouette) cut, sew
 2 pieces silhouettes, 4 ears cut. I'm doing your dog's face. I used blouse beads for the eyes. I'm an ear-friend. I put some fiber inside. I put a ribbon in the ear and a wire hanging. When the other side came face to face I left the bottom open. I'm like a tunnel. I'm standing on the edge. I put the fiber in a thin layer on the dog's head. He's standing up from his neck. There is elastic band. Ideal for storing things like plastic bag holder. If you want to have a similar idea. You can browse Organizer koala.You can see the Grocery Holder Bags here and there

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