How to Make Romper Skirt ?

Polka Dots  Romper  Skirt

I like Polka dots  fabric I have been a child of since. Whether in clothing or in home furnishings. On my linens. I did not like this fabric. I did not notice when I made chicken bag holder.  Cotton fabrics are durable, but not that much. I said red lace ribbons and red heart-shaped buttons look spectacular.

A line cut a dress. I looked at that dress and I looked at it. I did  combine the secret zipper with the back  body of the dress. I made the front piece. I got a red tul in my waistband. I didnt  like  this dress.  Polka dots skirt rumper.
Ciiks. Cut in the waist. I got red tul. Try it a few times. I do not like. Now how did I make this skirt romper?

Materials and free pattern 

Here free pattern an example

  • 3 - 5 cm wide 2 meter elastic band for skirt waist and shoulder strap. 
  • Four pieces of fabric as seen in the free pattern

In the different way here.  
(For the skirt, fold the half of the 120x50 cm fabric and cut a line on both sides. )

  • Two pieces 22x 23 cm for the piece of front
  • One pieces 22x 23 cm for the piece of buckram. If you want to make buckram fabric , you can use buckram,  fiber or quilted fabric.
  • Two rectangular pieces for the 12 cm x 60 cm  shoulder straps.
  • One rectangular pieces for the 12 cm x 80 cm  waistbant

Step by Step Instructions

Stitch the sides of the piece  together. Repeat for all tracks. It was a four-piece split. With the width in mind, double your waist band. Tire to our feet zigzag . Leave 18 centimeters fixed in the middle. Go through the zigzag stitch on the tire.

Fold the shoulder straps in half and tuck them in. Fasten the end pieces with the stitch. Put and stitch the front body parts in to the shoulder straps. Combine skirt. Sew the shoulder straps. Stitch applique and buttons.

Skirt Romper is ready.  coming in the next easy sewing project.
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