How to make palazzo pants, free plussize pattern

Free Palazzo Trousers Plus Size Pattern

What do you need?
How much do you want to have a fabric? I made less than the value in my palazzo trousers pattern. Front leg 38 cm, back leg 42 cm made. I set the  of my cloth. If I had done it on the pattern my pants would be a paced palazzo trousers and the others would be cullotte pants. I bought the knitwear fabric. How much fabric do you need? Calculate by considering the cloth width. You can read this post for free shirt pattern, cardigan pattern etc.

My fabric is knit fabric. Comfort and style. Knit fabric fabrics are not suitable for some trousers. It's showing slackness. Here I have a plussize mold for palazzo pants (xl) I sew this pants skirt, casual short, culotte pants, pajama, even tights. The patterns are a little bit different. I will cut this palazzo pants in two pieces in total, putting a little bit of each other in the cut. (Note that the ag parts smooth yarn path.)

How to sew your own pajama pants?

 The pants are gore to the planting steps and the shrubs, I cut this pants two pieces. I closed the leg side stitches once. I put some of the leg other leg ( one turn inside)
 I sewed the palazzo trousers, I folded the waistband, I sewed the tie and the tire. I pin the leg. I wore my Palazzo pants, I'm in the house again. I pushed the leg to shrink and then one more ..  all way down stitch. How is it?
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