Tips on How to Sew on Chiffon Fabric, Chiffon Blouse

One of the blouses that I like the back bow Chiffon blouse model most, the pattern is very simple. The blouse with a loose appearance increases the power by the effect of the cloth. chiffon blouse  is a huge bow on it back and a shirt that keeps his surprise on her back, she gets a romantic effect with the bow (always romantic)

Here you can see how the model sewing
I can not share the photos of the step by step I can wish for the old blouse. I can help you improve your sewing skills Learn to Sew on Chiffon Fabric

Improve your Sewing Skills,  Learn to Sew on Chiffon Fabric

Startchy Water

A hint for a chiffon fabric: make a starchy water, tilt the fabric and get it wet. Dry some water with an ironing sieve. You will be incredibly comfortable with your stitches and wash your chiffon nicely once they are done

New Needle

Chiffon Sewing needle is a very sensitive fabric. You should use 70 numbers with care, not break it. If another fabric is planted, even if a thin fabric is planted, the texture of the chiffon fabric becomes deformed and the chiffon fabric deforms. Do not pin to chiffon fabrics.

 Trial Sewing

Stitch on another piece of the same fabric. Do not worry. I will not always do it, but if you do it will be perfect


Finally, if you do not sew a very thin fabric, you can place a thin put of paper between the sewing machine needle as you . Stay on this and get a fabric stitch. Since the used it after you complete the stitch, you will easily tear it from the stitch to two and leave only one stitch.

Sewing Machine Foot, Hem foot (Hemmer foot)

All we need to do is to attach the machine to our hem foot and place the fabric we want to curl on the edge of the machine and sew it with a straight stitch. When sewing, you need to pull the fabric a little to the left and left place. Beatiutifully curled and cleaner.

Sewing machine overlock foot, satin food, france seam. And more hints, tips and tricks. I want to give you the last tip Watch your accessories, watch your bags. The backpack strap has deformed the texture of the chiffon blouse.

These are not rules or bases. Chiffon fabrics because I a lot use many hints, I have learned, applied, I have experienced. If you want to add them, if you have any of them. please add. There's no end to my learning. I hope this information is useful to you.

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