Make your Own Lace Blouse in Just 5 min

My mother asked what I was going to do today. I said lace blouse make in just five minutes. my mother said which blouse is stitching at five minutes. Why are you fooling people. I can not needle a thread in 10 minutes.

 If my parents think my parents are like that, what do not my guests who read it think?  I said, "Mommy, I do not have bias binding for arms, colar do not have any top stitch"

How to sew lace blouse?

I did not want to repeat the same things. Make  pattern and sew step by step

 I put the pattern on the lace fabric. and cut.I put the front and back body over the top. The first stitch is the shoulders and then the side edges. Use the double needle to top stitcht. Fold the collar and arm half-cm and stitch. Our lace blouse is over. Mommy has all the materials ready. I also said in five minutes. My mother made me happy by saying this. My fabric is cotton lace . It does not make any difficulty when you are stitch. I like the lace stance.  Three threads in my sewing machine tell me what you think of each semester. Behind the enormous bobbin machine, on the small thread bobbin, on the bobbin pin, there is a coil in the winding position.
There's a Singer's sewing kit that's standing next to me. I generally use large bobbins in the main colors. In intermediate colors I wear rope from this set.

When I change the thread I disconnect it from the top I attach the thread I will use. I bind two threads together. I pull the thread on the tip of the needle. New thread a needle.

How is it not practical? A practical method for the old machine When I decide what to do, I am doing a sewing project and detail about the time. I have no plans I will to outside for tomorrow.

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