Make your Own Lace Cardigan in Just 15 minutes

How to Sew an Easy Lace Cardigan?

make  your own lace cardigan

How to make a pattern ?

We had your favorite clothes here and  we made the pattern. Plus you want to see a pattern example and measurements. My Favori Sewing Pattern Is our pattern ready? We are ready to start.

What you will  need is  ;
From double  fabric (sleeve length + length of our cardigan)

Fold your lace fabric twice in half, then twice in the middle. Put the pattern on the lace fabric. Give a seam allowance. Cut the front part and back part together. Do the same in the sleeve pattern.

free pattern cardigan

Tips on How to Sew on Lace  Fabric

  • Combine with mini zigzag stitch
  • Use machine satin foot.
  • Use the double needle to top stitcht.
  • If the lace fabric does not move under the presser foot, put a thin paper. Sew all of them together and tear  the paper.

Sew Step by Step

Do the neck part in the front part as you like. Cut it in the front center and divide it into two piece.Combine it shoulders with  a stitches. Put the middle of the arm cloth on the shoulder. Stitch the arm part to the body. Do the same in the other arm. Begin under the arm  pin together  the back part and front part . Start under the arm and pin as much as the wrist . You can use hand stitches instead of pin. Sew all the way down.  You can start from the wrist and go all the way to the skirt tip in one go. Do the  same on the other side.
how to make a pattern

I have doubled up a piece of lace fabric from its. Press, opened the neck
glean form (open)form double layer stitch.

Cardigan is over. Last year I had a maxi cardigan sewn  the same fabric. There were rips on their sides to the knees.How to evaluate the remaining fabric? I wanted to make them into Tablecloths, Pillows, Fabric bags with lace fabric. I made cardigan myself. The moment I decide what to do. Start and finish sewing project. 

 I Want  see you at the next quick and easy sewing project. We are making a lace blouse in just 5 minutes :)

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