How to Make a Tulle Skirt?

Tulle skirts, dresses are among the most fashionable children's wear  in recent years. I brought a project to give an idea to those who want to make tutu skirts tulle skirts for girls.  make is very easy, and there are also tutorial stages here. Red, pink, yellow, purple, white, blue You can make a  tulle skirt of any color.

Tulle Skirt Tutorial

Tulle fabric wrinkle itself wanted to sew a circle skirt. I poured over the table to cut tulle fabric. Tulle fabric wrinkle itself. two rectangle  cuts on the entire tulle fabric. I doubled the rectangle. I put it on top. I sew with my hand (which will be removed later) you can look at this post. Taking measurements and what you need?

 Examples of materials here

Total tulle fabric 200 cmx 200 cm
90 cm x 200 cm 2 rectangles
Elastic band 55 cm
Sewn beads 15 * 20 pieces

I put the elastic band on the tulle fabric. Elastic band and tulle fabric sewn together zig zag stitch. I joined the elastic band zigzag stitch. I'm finished with a thin stitch on open

I like pearls. I like embroidery dresses such as collar, neck, cuff, handcuffs, and pockets. In the evening dress clothes, the bead works out in the foreground. Very detailed beadwork I can not work.In the project, I wanted to decorate the whole skirt with pearl beads. When I gave up making tulle circle skirt with tulle, the entire project was canceled. Instead of this tulle skirt it. 

I made the remaining tuller bow. One big one made small bow. The bow was decorated with stitchable beads. The tulle was attached to the bottom of the skirt. Bow side Is it behind the back? Front side? Our daughter wearing a tulle skirt will decide.

Tutu skirts, It is very easy to make tulle skirts. I Hope you make colorful tutu skirts, children feel happy.

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Sarah said...

I love this skirt wonderful idea

daliya aliya yıldız said...

Welcome, Sarah. Your comments make me happy and motivated. Thank you