My City, Eskisehir

Eskisehir TURKEY

Autumn in Eskişehir. Leaves are tired. Birds fly in a different flying autumn.

Eskişehir has a fairytale with 26 towers. Eight of these houses are located in Turkey. You should definitely visit the fairytale castle with your children. What's in it? Surprise. I'il give you a tip. You will go to your childhood. I do not give more. What a fairy tale reminds you. Come inside if you are ready for a world full of fairy tales.

Our tiny colorful train in Eskisehir Sazova park. Cuff cuf.

Old historic Odunpazarı houses in Eskişehir. Each one is fabulous. Restoration work has been completed.Odunpazarı Houses located in Odunpazarı, the oldest settlement of Eskişehir, are among the most important works added to the world cultural heritage of the city. It has a fascinating side. Evliya Çelebi has also been praised by many travelers since its history.

The pirate ship in the Eskisehir Sazova park. This pirate ship has a May Flower design that is from ships that cross the Atlantic Ocean.Located on an artificial pond. Sea lovers can visit

Lovely gorgeous duck.

Lovely gorgeous swan.

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