Tulle Fabric Projects and Handmade Clutches.

Tulle Fabric Projects

The curtain was ...

   I used it as decorative under the dresses and blouses of the lace ribbon in the remaining parts.I cleaned the sinks with tiny pieces. I made a cage cover for the rest of the tulle fabric. I made some table runners by lacing the edges of some of the pieces. I make ballerina skirt. I set bathroom rugs set on a tulle curtain. I just used it to silence clutches and make-up bags. Mom, I said I'd make you little lavender bags from those stitch. you Make the chickens aprons make clothes for their babies. :) By the way, this piece of tulle fabric potatoes is number one for me in washing eggs. You will use it once. There are many more tulle fabrics.

How to make?

Clutch Bag

Large clutch bag 30x40 cm. My zipper is very long. Cut a zipper over. Icombined the fabric edge and the tulle fabric on the bag fabric. There are two small pockets in the lining and the lining.

Cosmetic Bag (Makeup Bag)

Small clutch bag and cosmetic bag. 20x25 cm. My zippers are small. I set it longitudinally by adding fabric.
I used a lining. I did not use a pocket on my lining. Makeup bag. I used raincoat as undercoat. (Butterfly fabric)

I don't stitch planted the bamboo handle as I did not decide. How is it? What is your opinion?

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