How to make Easy Sweatshirt

I had my sewing projects today. I would be in the romper skirt and romper jumpsuit for my heaven. I said I could make a mold from a blouse with trousers on combine. The place was a little dark. Like the snowy

 I gathered thum cloths. I have knitted fabrics. I used to stay in the way I make pattern. I made a single change. I made a pli on my back. A patterned and mixed fabric. The patterns I would make would be vague. I made a top stitch on the plate. It's obvious.

Sew  Step by Step 

 UIt's a very easy blouse to do. No darts.  No skirt edge stitch. I used the knit fabric edges at the skirt ends. I used to have a clutch bag here before. I briefly summarize how it was done. I put on a pattern of fabric.  Do you need pattern  herein example: free pattern I left a lot of tape for the rear part. Cut it. I did the back body pli. I sewed it straight to make it clear. I put the shoulders on top.
I shouldered the shoulders together. I applied the same procedure to the other shoulders. I centered on the shoulders and put them on the middle of the shoulder. I started with the hand stitch (or pin) and sewed up in the side edge. I did the same thing by the other side. I pushed the neckline up to 2 cm inside.  When I sewed the sleeves, I folded a piece of cloth over the length  and sewed it with the wrist. Finished the sweatshirt.

  In this sweatshirt of  creamy color. I did not love. I have progressive scissors in the middle of and I have to do it.

I have easy and quick child clothes . After day.

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