Oven Glove

Make Pattern and Sewing

It is a nice option made from fabric and quilted to keep hot kitchen items like oven, pots, tray at home without burning. The oven glove will be easy to sew with the whole illustrated stitch, cut and mold recipe.

  • Plan,
  • prepare materials, (made from fabric,  quilted fabric, )
  • draw, (Put your hand on the fabric and drawing it 2 cm forward. )
  • cut We will cut our fabric and capito cloth 4 times
  • sew, We put our fabrics face to face. We have four gloves. We are sewing three sides. We turn two gloves into pieces.We are nipping our gloves. We twist the top and stitch. Use is ready. Delicious tasty food.                                                                                                                                       

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