Adding an Adjustable Elastic Waist to Skirts

This is what I shared The cute kids skirt free pattern that are pretty easy, the instructions are very easy to follow.

Materials and Free Pattern

Fabric: 85 x 130 cm
Button: 2 piece
Buttonhole Adjustable Elastic Band: 2.5 cm x 40 cm
We have a free pattern.

Skirt front piece 1 piece
Skirt back piece 1 piece
Waistband 1 pcs
Internal Pocket 2 pcs
Outside 2 pcs


sewing machine, thread,scissors, pin, iron, measurement

 Sew step by step

 The construction of the pockets. We sew to our pocket( green colored ) on to skirt. We have a free pattern. We are stitching. We are skirt  in the pocket. I fix the places that are top on and 3 layers of gold with plain stitch. We do the same thing on the other side. We press the edges of the pockets.

 We find the center of the skirt, we fold the fabric on both sides and make a ply. We fix it with a straight stitch so that you can. We close the side stitches. I try to make clean sewing as long as it is possible. In children's clothing. There are different names like English seam, French seam.

Fold the waistband and double it. Squeeze one side of the squeezer and fold it up and sew it. (If you cut the waistband in two pieces, you do not need to tunnel to make adjustable elastic band)

Fold the front side and sew it under the waistband. We will put the rubber on the back. I made a tunel on one side to band. Ribbons on the joining stitch by others. I put one knob on each side. I put it through the holes in the past. Whenever we want, we have an eternity that we can adjust to. Elastic adjustable bands that are indispensable for children's wear.


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