Make a Shaggy Fur Vest


Always fashionable women's vests. In the summer and winter seasons the vests are the most rewarding clothes. Kombinide is very easy to wear on fabric skirts, jeans, mini skirts, long skirts and adds elegance and elegance to women. If you still do not have a vest in your wardrobe, we'll make a couple of stylish vests this week. We will make vest sewing easier.

Which fabric for the vest?

First decide on the fabric of your vest. What kind of fabric do you want?

For sport elegance you can choose quilted fabrics. Lace, loose and similar fabrics for a romantic vest. For a rich look fake fur fabrics may be among your selections. You can choose bright and abiye fabrics, Etnic pattern fabrics, flat colored fabrics for casual wear. Depending on your preference for  creativity  , you can choose button zippers, brackets, closure brackets, accessories, belts, all depending on your outwear and style. You sew a straight vest, embellish it with ready-made strips, work with beads, and beading. It is your work own.
  The projects I share here are simple, easy-to-sew projects. I share projects that do not require specialization. Everyone can be sew of this vest . You can do it in the length you want. You can make it as wide as you want. You can  will narrow the front and back with the darts.Very easy this way. Using this way you can sew as many vests as you want.

How to Make a Vest Sewing  Pattern?

Remove a clothes from which you use the design of the vest. Here you can see how to do it. Fold the fabric in two. Fold your clothes, put on the fabric. Draw on it, draw a mirror image. Our vest will be one piece. We will make another piece in the liner.  This shaggy fur fabric  is for vest. Let's give a stitch of 1 cm.  We do not give any stitches when cutting the lining. We will put the face face to face for shoulder stitches. We do the same in the lining fabric.We turn the main fabric and the lining fabric the top, we do sew around it (we do not sew about 15 cm) and the armhole. Turn it in. The open part is sewn by hand. I used a fur hook to close it. I am preparing a more detailed vest and how to sew  it. Detail is not on the vest, but on how to make a vest pattern. It will be an easy vest.

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