Handmade Leather Bag

 I just want to

I'm having trouble sewing leather on my sewing machine. Irregular stitching intervals. I have tried tips & amp tricks from the internet. But it was difficult. I'm at my machine's service. I think I can solve the problem with a leather stitching needle. Special leather upholstery foot for machine, teflon feet. I decided to leave and then gave up. My machine is an old one model. I want to buy a new sewing machine. I want to get an overlock machine. I want to, I have not made a plan yet, I have not put up a budget. I just want to.

 What do you want?

I covered a box of artificial leather on the hand. I made a gift key ring with some of them.I cut the tinsel ones with the zig zag scissors. I use coffee table  and a shelf cover.

Leather and Bag Lining Sewing

  • 2 pieces for side edges 
  • 1 large rectangular piece (around +1 cm around the side piece) 
  • Zipper

I added the same shrinkage fractions for the liner. I made a zippered and free pocket inside. I put thick rope (put rope) into the hanger. I made my bag with cross stitch. I used thick lace yarn as rope. Do I have to deal with artificial leather again?  I do not think. I still have artificial leather in my beautiful colors.

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