Make Your Own Romantic Blouse In Just 10 Minutes

You can change your own blouse from the kind of fabric you want. I am in demand of being a permanent owner of fabrics. I want it in Boho, japanese and indian fabrics. The fabrics I have are a little different. I manage with these. I prefer siphon and cotton fabrics for summer.
If we decide for our blouse, our fabric and our lace, we can start sewing. Start the time. Full 10 minutes.

Make Pattern

How to make pattern body size? Here we made a blouse and a vest over there .

Let's have a pattern that you can use in your hand. If you divide your blouse in a lot of pieces , the main body will be like this. You give your stitches edge according to it.

Fabric Size

The amount of fabric varies according to your body size.
Lace Fabric : Width 50 cm x height 40 cm,
White fabric : Width 120 cm x height 50 cm

Cut a neckline in lace fabric. Whether you want a circle or a square, according to the design of your lace.


Stitch your front body pieces to the lace. Again now. Stitch your back body pieces to the lace. Fold in the sleeves and sew.
Combine body side seams. Fold in the blouse skirt and sew. Press and wear. Romantic blouse is ready .

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