Make your Own Maxi Skirt in 5 minutes

My Mom usually like 6 pieces or 8 pieces skirts. Circle skirt requires a lot of fabric, stitch is easy. Circle skirt , about 3 meters of fabric, for a half circle skirt goes to 2 skirt length fabric (maxi skirt) My mother does not love that skirt.

The width of my fabric is 150 cm and the length is 1 m. I did not cut this knitwear fabric. (If you are doing to skirt with this method, I would recommend the thick the fabrics.)My mother liked the skirt very much.
It is light because there are not too many fabrics. It is easy to wear because there is no zipper. It's overly comfortable because it's not narrow.
I love these skirts and they are very easy and quickly to sewing. Most importantly, the mother is happy.

How to make a maxi skirt in 5 minutes

The skirt will be rubbery. At least 5-6 cm
more than your hip.  The length of the leg depends on you. The length of the end of the mother's skirt is 90 cm (+ 1 cm stitch edge +6 cm waistband)

The knitwear did not cut the blue skirt. Both sides were marked with the aid of ruler. Narrow skirts, you can get help in your pants. It sits at the highest point of my curve.

Fold 5-6 cm inside the belt. Leave the tunnel for the tire. Stitch on the edge of the waistband. Fold the skirt edge and sew. Make an iron.

It's ready in 5 minutes. In the brown skirt, the waistband is attached separately, the two pils are made, and the 2 buttons are sewn. The only thing that makes him different is the stitches. I have sports stitches. These stitches have decorative stitches that have a little bit of thread on the machine. Jean for the t. I used it from those threads. If you do not want to sew in the brown skirt stitch step by step

Stitch sew, give, wear.

Make your own series will continue ..... pant, cardigan, hooded vest, sweatshirt, channel jacket

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