My Favori Sewing Pattern (Joker)

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The sewing project did not come out today. I could not decide what to sew. I united the fabrics. I could not do the project. The girls skirts in half were sew.

I can't decide what to sew, what fabric to prefer. If I can decide that sew project. I know. Sewing project is complete in five Minutes or fifteen minutes

 Do you have a free sewing pattern? 

I have master sewing patterns. I see in this plus size pattern, I sew a shirt, vest, cardigan, dress, tunic etc. I use this sewing pattern to myself and the my mother.
Here , free sewing pattern (joker pattern)

Your latest dress is the best free pattern for you. The magazines like Burda have models of the amazing clothing. Technical knowledge required. Most of the time they explain this technical knowledge in pictures. You may not know your own measurements. You may not understand technical information. With the mold you remove, you get a chance of a correction before you cut the fabric. Please don't see it as a smarty. I found this way after the fabrics which were narrow, cut, and wasted according to the pattern.

Here, (how to sew a vestShaggy fur vest) you can see the vest that I sew.  I sewed this jacket with this plus size pattern. With knitwear, sew with a mini zig-zag stitch to avoid trouble. Do your prints with double needle stitches.
Lapel, manset, collar do support. Sometimes when you wear knitted fabrics, your clothes may loose.

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