How to make a Tiny Witch

Spring is here. I do not have any news .. like air, The sun is sparkling. Before I left the house, I was thinking whether I should wear boots or shoes. I wore my shoes. I was very surprised to see those wearing sandals. Is it summer? Spring mean, energy,  movemen, Spore , Healthy nutrition, diet. Less internet, more clothes, more travel.

Today post miniature.
Miniature is a very separate art branch. I admire your artists. Mine is just a temporary request. I made a few little tiny witches. How is it?
I can tell you how to use yarns to correct the edges of my fabric.   I used it to make bird nest.   I use it to make superges of my little witches    How do you use it,

I used the remaining ribbons that I used in wrapping gifts to make my hair witch. There is a thread on the edge of the ribbon that allows easy thread. I found that thread and pulled it out..
This is the hair from the ribbon.
Bird nest ribbon ripped thread. Colorful hair from colorful ribbons. How does it sound good? You have ways to make curly.
My witches, the pins of old clothes hanger.
I am very glad to see the wood objects used on the internet instead of the pins of the hangers. Except for wood nativity. I could not remember their names. Prices were cheap. These woods by name are very useful. I've used some of it to make thread here before
Clothes and hats easy. A hat, a circle and a triangle. Two rectangular pieces for clothes.
No need to tell me how successful I am in terms of facial eyebrows. The next post on simple lace sewing a blouse.

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