How to Sew a Vest ?

Make a Vest Pattern

We can use it if we have a ready pattern for our body. Otherwise, we should make our pattern for sewing vests. Do you have any clothes you have used? Here we use it to draw out the pattern. I do not give fabric sizes. Long, short, wide, narrow. I do not know how you want to do this. I suggest elastic fabrics for this project. Non-elastic fabrics must use bias binding to finish an armhole and neckline I just want to give you an idea, step by step tutorials

Cut  a Vest from Fabric

Fold your fabric in half. Double your favorite clothes. Place the folds on top of the fabric. Draw the collar and arm, and draw the sides. Take a mirror image and complete the front body. Add 3-5 cm lapel share for the front body. Adjust the length of your canvas as you like.
The vest will be one piece. Front and rear sides as a whole. We should give you a stitch at the places you draw. 2.5-3 cm for arm rest, 1-2 cm for other places. Considering the seams, we cut the fabric.

Sew a Vest

 We put the shoulders on top of each other and sew. We bend into the front lids and press. We sew from the side. We repeat the same process on both sides.Shape armhole and neckline by ironing. Sewing from the edge to complete. Fold in the bottom of the vest, press and finish the sewing. You can combine your yelp with your outfit.


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