Pom Poms Rug

diy pom-poms rug

 My sister made this rug. She made the pom-poms and designed them on a thin floor lining and glued them one by one with hot silicone. Now she wants to do the romantic heart rug from the pom-poms for her daughter room. How stylish and beautiful this rug is.

You can easily do this pom-poms at home. Such a stylish and decorative rug will add a wonderful elegance and modernity to your home. Other rug will be a little more puffy and soft than standard rug, which will make your feet more comfortable.

How to make a pom-poms? 

But this time, we will make a specially made job much easier. Let's talk briefly about the materials we use to chew pom-poms. We will use wool, scissors, a fine rug in different colors as a lining and we will see our work opening a breakthrough hole of 7 cm. Let's do our pom-poms at first. We will use the pom-poms making apparatus I mentioned earlier. This product can be purchased easily from the internet. As shown in the picture above, we start to wrap our threads while the clips are open. Fill this apartment with half circle.After the rope was wrapped, we closed the closure and locked it with clips. Then we cut it in the middle of the Pom-poms device with the scissors. We pull the yarn in the middle of the pom-poms and compress it. The jump is removed from the throwing apparatus and cut by leaving 5 cm yarn cymbals.

In this way, we make our other pom-poms, combine and do the rug. How many pieces you will make depends on the size of your rug. You will get a more pleasing image if you do it in colors that are appropriate for your use. your work   we give to labor will add a beauty. Use your  rug to keep your feet warm during cold winter days or use it as a washbasin and bath rug.

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