Hotel Transylvania, Mavis Wings

Hotel Transylvania, Is there anyone who does not like this animated cartoon? We love Mavis.
Mavis, daughter of dracula. Dracula's half-human half vampire has a cute grandson
 Even Dracula is so cute. My desire was to sew clothes and tights. It had to be done fast. I just planted your wings. You can make wings like butterflies, angels, birds by following this path. It's easy and fast. You can do this simply by changing the color of your cut and your fabric.

 How to make wings, Measure

First of all, we get the measurements of our child by meters. You can use it on a shirt that you are wearing. If you are going to take a measurement,

Height: the length from your child's back of the head to the hips + 15 cm
Width: Length from the hand wrists to the middle of the back

 The width and height of our fabric determine these dimensions .. we fold double our fabric. (The part we give +15 cm will be for the arms). We will draw  from where we put it. For the collar, we cut a 1/4 round using a medium size dish. We fold 15 centimeters for the arm. Start with a wrist and draw a triangle down to the bottom. Put this plate on the line. Draw curved places and cut them ..Sew the folding arm parts on the machine.

You can make bat ears in the hair clips for girls. For boys you can mount a pair of ears while hooded. It's easy to sew this costume. Do not wait for the feast of the holidays You can make children happy at any moment

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