Knitted Slippers

This knitted pattern is a perfect project for winter and autumn. It is easy to wear these classic home slippers for those who want to wear something light and soft during these cold winter days. 

 Clothing Shoes Model Designs 

 Do you see design patterns? Some of them are my slippers. Some were woven for liking, some to evaluate the remaining yarns. For some we want to weave. Then we looked. I have had a lot of slippers. It isn't easily worn out when you sew it with high quality threads.

 Make these super cute slippers and relax in a cozy and warm environment around the house. There is also a great gift in knitwear! Most of these designs are knitting my mother. My patterns are less patterned. I prefer simple and easy for every job. I always appreciate patience and detailed employees. I don't like making projects that are long and difficult. I love hard projects, but . Everyone will love these slipper patterns. You can knitting in small, medium, and large sizes, clothing shoes on all members of the family. There is also a great gift on the slippers. All you have to do is choose a model you like and  can be apply.

 Mix and match colors.  Decorate with pom poms. Beads, buttons, pom-poms. Be creative with buttons and pom-poms, and make each one more unique. I can take more detailed pictures of the models you want. I'll try to tell you how you were knit. It's enough to write a comment.

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Tamm W said...

I would love to try these! where would I find the pattern?