Fabric Handbags

 Shopping Bag, Beach Bag, 

Fabric handbags are fashionable  handy and stylish designs. Fabric bag; It emerges from people's imagination and needs. It reveals the bag design that everyone imagines. Fabric bags can be of various colors and sizes. You can prepare a fabric bag according to your needs and the material in your hand. You can decorate your wish with fabric, lace, bead, ribbon, staple with your own hands.

ribbon, stable

Fabric bags are usually preferred as a beach bag, shopping bag and  in daily life and on holiday. Especially I use of fabric of beach bags is very common. I can also make a stylish beach bag by combining the fabrics in my home. You use your own design and did not spend any money

Fabric bag models that you can do with your home cloths or old clothes that you do not wear have many designs you can imagine.
handmade bag
Today I will tell you how I made my beach bag and shopping bags. Easy to sew, you make pattern

How to make fabric bag?

  • 2 pieces of same size fabric (square, rectangle)
  • 2 pieces (65 cm long) of fabric or solid ribbon
  • Pocket and zipper if desired. 

The stages vary according to the model.
Zipper and pocket, Bag hangers, Side seams, The mouth part of the bag is stitching.

The green bag is very big and sturdy like a sack. Hidden in half of the bag.I use my cream color bags as a beach and a pallet bag.The lining is waterproof cloth.. When I go to supermarket, I use all for the shopping bag. Here you can look for leather bags, here for other fabric bags examples

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