Neckline Binding as Design For Basic Tee

Turn into Basic Tee-Style Blouses

You can change the your shirt you've just buy and shirt you've just used.With a needle and thread. You can do this. I want to sew it. We sewed a basic tee here.

You can visit "How to sew basic tee?"

I have sewing with crochet and fabric together. basic tee pattern . Very easy, very elegant.. Tutorial step by step for a couple of days after the romantic lace tee..


Only needle and thread.

I used them.Now, neckline binding as design
Beads, buttons, flowers, lace, ribbons, etc. can be used.

I told them with pictures. elegant..What do you say about turning the collar and arm cuffs of your old shirts into a wonderful accessory? I can answer if you have any questions. Your comment is enough. Thank you for visiting.

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