Easy in 15 minutes, How to sew the blouse?

Very simple, very stylish blouse.

This blouse You can do it in different dresses using the method of construction. Use the material you want instead of the bow tto the back of your blouse, do not use anything.
The length of the hanger is important .. if it is too long the chest decollete can stand ugly, it will bother if it is short. We can easily adjust by rehearsing.
take the most comfortable strap and chest measurement.

Free pattern, Pattern this way


Strap +seam (Length and width)
Chest + 20 cm
If you want to cut the pattern for the bow. How long do we want the length? From underarm to hip.

Cut your fabric. Close the side seams, curling the skirt edge. Fold the top 3 cm and stitch it
(Do not sew 2 cm for elastic tape). Install the tire.
Curl both sides of the hangers thinly and sew them.

Narrow, wide, lace, your imagination

I made my hangers wide . Stitched in the middle of the shoulder.
I used rubber thread instead of rope.

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