Bird Cage Cover

How to Make a Cage Cover?

Pet friendly project or home-friendly project? We get rid of some of the
Bird feed crusts and feather. Fine fabric, often touch-like. I used the pieces of cloth and tulles that were left at home.

Make pattern

We measure around the cage .


We will determine the current height. I decided on the floor to close the half of the cage door.

Width : 30 cm +2
Depth : 20 cm +2
Height : 23 cm x 2
Cover : 2x(width+depth) +8 cm

Mathematics everywhere. Our measurements are complete. Cutting...

1x parts in cover and height, fabric (i used Tulle curtain fabric) 46 cm x 115 cm

1x parts base in width and depth( 32x22 cm)

Cover - 25 cm elastic band. (90 cm)

Sew :

We are sewing together base and tulle fabric. We make the excess of the tulle fabric in the edges.
( as seen in the picture)

I put yellow cloth for you to see the details.

Sew short edge. We fold it. The Fold tulle fabric and elastic band sew with zig zag.

It's easier to do.

Another idea about tulle fabrics: easy sew table runner 
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