Cute Baby Door Stopper

These babies are left in front of the door. (Think about leaving it in the basket.)
There are missions:Door Stopper
Is there anyone who loves these cute responsible babies?
Sew Materials
Toy eye. (1 pair)
Polar fabric for body color  (50 cm x 110 cm)
Lace ribbon.(1,5-2 metre)
Two distinctive fabrics for their clothes. 20 cm x 120 cm (You can buy new born baby clothes. Sometimes it comes cheaper.)
Beware of the color combination of lace strips and outfit fabrics.

If you have babies on the internet, you can download any of them, you can print them. If you can not find it, leave a comment.

Put our pattern on the polar fabric. Line and cut around.

TIPS and TRICKS : 2-3 cm section will not be sew when parts are being sew.

There will be a greater gap in the thigh of the body. This space is put on fibers and pebbles.
Let's put the arms on top and sew. Let's do the same thing on the body, legs and head. First, set your eyes and nose to the head stitch. After sew. Let's fill the fibers with all.

We will close the pieces we opened. After putting the last stone ... to (put it in the bag enough to be heavy)

we have a stone underneath our baby.  No diaper.
If we finished the all sewing process, only the emery remained. We are pulling out the nipple tip and we are stitch to mouth.

New beginners can develop themselves by sewing clothes to toys. I sometimes feel easy to buy newborn baby clothes.
I will write another post for this door stopper a step by step tutorial is pattern stitching in the following days.
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