Anchovy Pilaf


- Currant- Pine nuts- Leek (white place)
- Onion
- Black pepper
- Mint
- Pulbiber
- Salt
- Parsley
- Rice
- 1 kg cleaned Anchovy fish


Leave rice in warm salty water for about an hour. Pour the oil in the pan. When the oil is in the pan, put the peanuts in the pan. Stir several times. Then put the rice in the pan. Turn the rice in the pan. Put onions. Mix 2-3 times. Put the tracks. Mix 2-3 times. Put spices. Put a bunch of grapes. Then leave some hot water to boil. Do not mix it up.

Lubricate the pan with butter. (It would be better if it was buttered and greased with a little flour)

Fly the fish in order, knocking in a pan. (Fish should be stacked on top of each other, because the fish shrink when cooked, so rice appears.)
Put the whole fish in the pan. Put rice on top. The overflowing fish curl on the rice. The rice is covered with fish.

Put the fish prepared for frying. The lid is not closed. Harleques are fried. Then try whichever acrobatic movement you are trying. Press firmly with a lid and turn the shape without disturbing the schematic. Fry both sides equally. Take the shape of the service tray again without disturbing the schematic. I photographed while I was in the pan.
Place it in a serving dish and serve hot.. 
Main course from  Turkish cuisine. Anchovy Pilaf. 
Dessert from Turkish cuisine; Homemade Baklava

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