Homemade Baklava

How to make Baklava with ready-made phyllo?


1 packet of ready-made baklava phyllo
200 gr butter
2 cups of walnuts
1 teacup of oil

Prepare the Sherbet

4 glasses of water to prepare the sherbet
3 cups of sugar


If desired, the phyllos can be opened in hand I prefer handmade quick and easy recipes  in general.
It is cut so that it will settle.
3-4 layers of ready-made phyllos are placed on the tray.

It is lubricated with melted butter.
2 layers of ready-mixed nuts are sprinkled.

Place the phyllos.After this process is finished, according to the desire, the square is cut in a diamond shape.Add 1 teaspoon of sunflower oil to the melted butter. Tips&Tricks :(Caution butter may burn like sunflower oil.)This oil is circulated on the cut baklava.  (Coos coos is heard when baklava and hot oil meet.)

We must heat the oven beforehand.
Then cooked in the oven until the top and bottom of the oven.
There are various narrations about the coldness of one hot one of the syrup or dessert.
I always recommend that the loaf of baklava be lukewarm and spill.

Homemade baklava is ready. Bon Appetit

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