Easy Sew Table Runner, Home Decor Craft

Sew your runners  with stylish details

Sewing project is very easy, very elegant. Perfect your any table..

You can buy Runner tablecloths from the stores, as well as yourself. It is quite easy to make a runner table with a fabric that you will buy with a lot of fabric or a new cloth that you think you could be a runner tablecloth, Once you have the measurements of your table, you need to adjust the width of the runner cover to be one third of the table's height, and you can adjust the length of the table to cover the table. You can have triangular corners by folding the ends of the runner in triangular shape, first sharpening the edges and then sewing from the inside. Depending on your preference, you can add tassel details to the ends of the triangular part, or you can make different designs with different fabrics or yarns to match the edges of the triangular parts.

prepare materials, (fabric, ribbon, pins, scissors)

Draw. What are your measurements?

My measurements, width: 34 cm, height :54 cm

Your measurements may change.

Cut Ribbon with fabric.Fabric at the bottom, ribbon at the top.sew, Press, ready to use..What do you think about sewing the runners suitable for your table concept?

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