How to sew basic tee?

Basic Tee

You always need a simple tee-shirt .  You will definitely use this pattern again love it.Very comfortable. Basic parts should be comfortable one of the most important features that make them indispensable. The first color t-shirts that come to mind are the greatest proof of this comfort.
You're starting to sew.

Make a pattern Put your favorite shirt on the fabric and draw.

Cut our your pattern pieces. Just a front and back. I sewed shoulder seams.I sewed the side seams,
all the the underarm seam.

I turned the ends of the sleeves and collar under 0,7 cm twice and hemmed with a straight stitch. I did the same for the bottom of the basic tee. (only for Elastic and lace fabrics) "other fabrics: bias tape to an armhole and neckline". iron and wear.

  I can answer if you have any questions. Your comment is enough.


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