Make it Yourself Girls Skirt

We making a skirt with an  elasting band. I  make an  elastic band skirt  in just five minutes for  my mother. This will last a little longer. Ten minutes longer. 15 minutes in total.


Skirt fabric  120 cm x 50 cm,1 piece
Pocket fabric 20 cm x 20 cm, 2 piece
Pocket  lining fabric 20 cm x 20 cm, 2 piece.
Elastic band  50-60 cm
Lace ribbon 180 cm

How much fabric and elastic band do you need? Child's waist measures. Calculate. Here is an example and tutorial.  My child's waist measures 60 cm so I will need 120 cm of fabric.

How to make an elastic waistband skirt?

Stitch short edges together with 1 cm seam allowance. press seams open. Turn up bottom hem 1 cm and press. Stitch down the bottom edge
Fold the waistband to 9 cm and sew with the machine from the edge. Make sure to stitch across the waistband.  Fold the skirt tip. Stitch on its edge. Put the lace ribbon over the skirt end and sew the zigzag in the smalliest. Put a lace ribbon on a side of the pocket and sew. Pocket and lining top Place it over (3-4 cm no sew)
Trim the edges of the pocket. Cut off the corners and turn it into it. press. Place the pockets on the skirt as you wish. I placed it on the sides and stitch it .Attach the elastic band to the belt. With Zig Zag stitch.  Finish the hem with a zigzag stitch on the waistband.

Wear a skirt for a child. All eyes on child. I have a lace cardigan, tulle skirts and dress coming up.

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